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Indian River Merchant Services LLC is an Independent Sales Organization sponsored into National and Regional ATM Networks through multiple gateway focused on  providing  innovative ways  for  business large and small  gain a competitive edge.

Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Accepting all major credit cards for your business is essential in today's economic environment. Indian River Merchant Services will provide your business with a processing solution that fully satisfies the needs of you and your customers. Further, we ensure our credit card terminals are EMV and NFC compliant.

ACH Processing

Automated Clearing House (ACH) has become a standardized method for supporting and processing recurring payments such as payroll disbursements, insurance premiums, monthly membership dues, scheduled donations to non-profits, and more. The popularity of ACH processing is driven by the fact it’s more cost effective than credit card processing and easier to implement into business systems.

ATM Services

Offering a full range of services to select from, our placement to processing options can guarantee that your business will be able to choose from a wide variety of Cash ATM machines that will give you another payment option for your customers.

Why Choose IRMS?

The best business practices in the industry

An excellent reputation with financial stability

Added security of being fully sponsored, licensed and insured

Powerful relationship with supporting financial institutions

Professional, Attentive and knowledgeable Customer support

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